How to pay your federal taxes to the IRS;

The IRS has various tax payment options and we have listed them below. Please chose a suitable payment option convenient to you.

Federal income tax –

  • Payment via a US bank account:

Below is the link to the IRS payment website, which allows you to set up direct debit from your US bank account without any charges.

Please visit This service requires you to authenticate your identity, so please have your prior year tax return handy while setting up this payment option.

  • Payment via a US debit or credit card:

This is a commonly used way to make estimated tax payments. However, there is a convenience fee for using a credit card and a flat fee of $3.95 for debit card.

Please visit

  • Electronic funds transfer from a US bank account:

You can transfer funds electronically. Please note, you should register on the IRS website and obtain a PIN and an internet password for this service.

Please visit