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Australian taxation and filing requirements change considerably depending on your tax residency. Whether you are a resident or a non-resident, leaving for overseas or a new arrival in Australia, we can facilitate the preparation of your tax return. Your tax return will be prepared by a registered tax agent who specializes in US expatriate taxation, ensuring your taxes are prepared correctly and that you take advantage of all the expatriate concessions available.

Some helpful advice from a genuine specialist

Important facts you need to know

Being a US Citizen or Green Card holder in Australia means there are several tax requirements to stay compliant in the US.

Why partner with a specialist expat accountant?

Living in Australia can make your tax filing requirements quite complicated and to make sure you pay the absolute minimum it's critical that your accountant understands every aspect and avenue to deliver the lowest tax liability possible. We have a dedicated team of tax accountants that work exclusively with US Expats that work, earn and invest in Australia.

Meet Khandra, Leo and Andrew, our specialist accountants for US Expats in Australia
Khandra Wong
Tax Specialty:

11 years Expat Tax Experience

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Leo V. Zimny, CPA
Tax Specialty:

Ex. Ernst & Young. 30yrs Experience. Australian Specialist

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Andrew J. Landin, EA
Tax Specialty:

Founder & CEO. American Expat Business Owners & Investors.

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