Saudi Nationals with American Citizenship

What important facts do I need to know?

Saudi banks share your bank account information with the IRS and US Government.

Failure to file the correct forms each year can have serious financial consequences.

Who has to file these forms?

Saudi nationals with US citizenship

Any Saudi born in the United States

What happens if I don't file?

Initial fines start at $10,000

Repeat offenders be fined $100,000 or 50% of the bank balance and imprisonment.

Initial fines start at $10,000

Can I catch up without penalties?

For a short time, many Saudis can become compliant using a special IRS amnesty program

Important facts you need to know

Being a US Citizen or Green Card Holder in Saudi Arabia means there are several tax requirements to stay compliant with the IRS and FATCA             

Why partner with a specialist accountant?

Receiving the lowest possible tax bill comes from partnering with the most experienced expatriate accountant. US expatriate accounting is complex and your reporting information changes depending on what country you choose to live in. Living outside the USA can make your tax filing requirements quite complicated and to make sure you pay the absolute minimum it's critical that your accountant understands every aspect and avenue to deliver the lowest tax liability possible. We have a dedicated team of tax accountants that work exclusively with US expats that work, earn and invest in the Middle East.

Meet our specialist Saudi-American team
Darryl P. Albuquerque, EA

Streamlined Offshore Specialist

14 years US Expat Tax Experience

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Aya A. Takriti

Tax Associate

Qualified in International Accounting and fluent in Arabic & German

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Leo V. Zimny, CPA

Tax Director

Ex. Ernst & Young. 30yrs Experience. Australian Specialist

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Andrew J. Landin, EA

Managing Director

Founder & CEO. American Expat Business Owners & Investors.

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