Advisory Tax Services – Engagement Information

We are pleased to engage with you to provide advisory tax services. The Engagement Information that follows, and the associated Terms of Business, forms the agreement between us. The Engagement Letter email needs to be accepted by you within 2 weeks of the date on the email.

The services

You have requested provision of the services set out in the “Anticipated Services” section of the Engagement Letter email. The purpose of the services is to satisfy your tax planning and/or compliance obligations.

Your responsibilities

We will write to and accept instructions from you or your designated contact.

You will be our primary contact when delivering the services on the basis that you are the person with the knowledge, experience and ability to make decisions in relation to the services and our recommendations. You may designate an alternative person as the primary contact by providing us with their contact details via email.


To enable us to provide your tax advisory services, we shall write to you requesting the information we require. It is essential that we have all of the necessary information to provide the agreed upon tax services. You agree that we shall have no responsibility for your liabilities, including interest and penalties and additional tax liabilities, caused or materially contributed to by:

  • The supply to us of inaccurate or incomplete information; 
  • The failure to supply us with the information we need within a reasonable time of our requesting that information; or 
  •  Failure by you to follow our instructions. 

Timetable and duration

We will commence the services when you provide us with a completed tax data organizer, and/or any other data in order to fully satisfy the information required for us to deliver the agreed upon service to you. Upon receipt of your tax data and confirmation, either explicit or implied, that all required tax documentation provided to us is complete and accurate, we will deliver your service(s) within four weeks. This is an estimate in advance of starting work and we will let you know if this will change.


Our advice will be based on the law, regulations and guidance applying at the date the services are provided. After our advice is delivered, we are not under any obligation to inform you of subsequent changes in law, regulations or guidance, and the advice will not be updated to reflect any subsequent changes in law, regulations or guidance.

Internal Revenue Code section 7216 consents

Internal Revenue Code section 7216 was expanded by the IRS to give taxpayers greater control over their private data. This was primarily due to the IRS recognizing the significant increase in electronic handling of tax data, including online tax data gathering, electronic tax return preparation, and e-filing of tax returns. Due to the way in which we do business, we need to obtain your consent whenever there is “disclosure” or “use” of your tax information. By signing the 7216 consent form, you consent that your tax return information may be transferred within and across international borders to either a member of Expat US Tax’s international network of firms or to certain other accountants and administrative staff working under the direction of Expat US Tax. This is “disclosure” and it generally applies to tax return preparation. As you have requested us to provide tax advisory services, we also require an additional consent, being the “use” of your tax return information for other purposes, such as tax consulting.