Filing US Tax Returns whilst Living in Australia



Filing a US Tax Return whilst living in Australia

In this video Leo, our Director with over 25 year experience in US Expatriate Taxes explains everything you need to know about paying tax in Australia, watch the video...

Generally as a US Citizen or Green Card Holder you do have to file a tax return with the IRS each year, even if you know your tax will be zero.

There is an exception for very low income earners and certain filing statues but the general rule is, you will have to file.

You can claim various credits and exclusions such as the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion or Foreign Tax Credits, we would work out which one is most advantageous to your siutation. For many US Expats in Australia we can get their tax bill down to a very nominal amount if not zero, but you still need to file with the IRS each year to stay compliant.

Even if you already pay tax in Australia, you still need to file with the IRS each year. It is unlikely that most US Expats working in Australia will have to pay double tax due to the exclusions and credits available, but each individual situation is different and that is why we offer a free tax consultation.

Leo offers a free tax consultation to all US Citizens and Green Card Holders living and working in Australia, contact Leo via his profile page using this link...

Leo V. Zimny | US Australian Expat Tax Specialist

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