IRS 2016 Deadline moves to April 18th

In 2016 the IRS Tax Filing Deadline is moved to April 18th due to Emancipation Day, which is being celebrated on April 15th in the District of Columbia

If you're an US expat living and working outside of the USA on April 18th you get an automatic extension to June 15th, 2016.

Be careful
This expat extension is for filing, not for paying. Interest will accrue on unpaid tax liabilities then underpayment and late payment penalties will be levied after June 15th.

FBAR Due Date
Foreign Bank Account Reports are due by June 30th 2016, and remember, no extensions are allowed with the FBAR. For tax years 2016 and beyond, the FBAR due date will be moved to April 15th in line with the Federal return date. Extensions are available though, with a maximum extension for 6 months which ends no later than October 15th. If you haven't got your head around the FBAR and who needs to file them, watch my quick video below and get in touch with any questions

Foreign Earned Income Exclusion for 2015 is USD $100,800
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