I haven't filed US taxes for many years

The IRS has recently started focusing on US citizens living outside the US and have come out with initiatives in order to encourage individuals who have not filed tax returns in a while (or ever) to become compliant. This usually involves filing several years of tax returns and forms prior to the IRS requesting them.

There are many ways in which non-compliance can potentially show itself and lead to an IRS audit, for example obtaining a US visa for your non-US spouse usually requires you to produce your tax returns as part of the visa application process. It is not uncommon for consulate officials, upon renewal of a US passport, to ask about US tax compliance. Nor is it uncommon for US immigration officers to ask US citizens living abroad if they have been compliant.

With foreign earned income and housing exclusions as well as foreign tax credits, compliance may not mean a large tax bill, and in many cases may even mean no tax due at all to the US.

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