Canadian Tax Services

Canadian Tax Return Preparation

Canadian taxation is based on residency. Canadian residency is based on facts and circumstances. This can lead to complex tax situations and a variety of possible filing requirements. We can assist you with the preparation of Canadian federal (and Quebec) tax returns whether you are a resident of Canada working overseas, a Non-resident of Canada with Canadian income, someone newly establishing Canadian residency or a Canadian resident looking to cease residency.

Canadian Residents 

Residents of Canada are taxed on their worldwide income. Working overseas can complicate Canadian taxation as wages (and other income) earned overseas are likely taxable in Canada. Canada does have certain credits available for residents in these circumstances in order to avoid double taxation.

Canadian Non-residents

Non-residents of Canada are generally taxed on Canadian income only. Canadian income can arise from working in Canada (even for as short a period as one day), investments held in Canada, rental property located in Canada or by disposing of real property located in Canada, etc... Each of these types of income have unique taxation and filing requirements in Canada.

Establishing or Ceasing Canadian Residency

A part-year situation in Canada complicates matters even further as individuals are taxed as residents during part of the year and non-residents during the other part. Ceasing residency adds complexity due to the Canadian departure tax rules.

Whatever your residency status in Canada, we can assist in ensuring that all your filing requirements are met and that we optimize all available credits and deductions due to your in your unique situation.

Estimated Tax Calculations

If you are resident of Canada and are working overseas for a foreign employer you will not have the benefit of your Canadian income tax being withheld and remitted to the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenue Quebec on your behalf by your employer. This could lead to large tax balances due when you file your tax returns. We can assist in preparing estimated tax calculations, taking into considerations anticipated foreign tax credits available to you so that you can make quarterly instalment payments throughout the year, to the CRA and/or RQ, in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises upon filing your tax returns.

Tax Advisory

As Canadian taxation is based on facts and circumstances and not all situations are the same we offer advisory services which will help you navigate through the complex Canadian tax rules pertinent to you and your situation.