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Aya Takriti, EA

Tax Manager | Middle East Specialist

IRS qualified Enrolled Agent (EA)  
Degree in International Accounting
U.A.E. Registered Tax Agent

Meet Aya…

I have joined Expat US Tax as a Tax Associate in our Dubai office.

I hold a degree in International Accounting and I am fluent in Arabic and English. I have completed my internship in Financial Services with KPMG in Germany.

I focus to provide great customer service and I have passion for helping Arab-American dual nationals understand complexities of the US tax system. 

What’s an FBAR, and who has to file one?

If you assumed that having financial accounts outside the US exempted you from reporting taxes as a US taxpayer, you were mistaken. A Foreign Bank Account Report (FBAR) is one of the reporting requirements for US citizens. The IRS defines a US person in this sense as a US citizen, green card holder, tax resident, corporation, partnership, limited liability company, trust, or… read more…

What is a Passive Foreign Investment
Company (PFIC)?

A PFIC is a Passive Foreign Investment Company, which is where a company decides to make a foreign (non-US) investment.  A relevant and common example of a PFIC is when a company invests in a non-American mutual fund, however, the term encompasses a far wider range of investments than simply this. Examples include pension fundshedge funds, and insurance companies based outside the US. The gross income of the company has to be passive; the revenue would be obtained from sources and investments that are not related to the company’s regular business operations. Many people are unaware they have a PFIC often because… read more…