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Darryl P. Albuquerque, EA

Senior Tax Manager | Streamlined
Amnesty Specialist

Degree in Accounting
IRS qualified Enrolled Agent

Meet Darryl…

I’m an experienced US Tax Specialist, my main areas of expertise include Streamlined Offshore Filing and tax advisory services for individuals who are American citizens, permanent residents or foreign nationals working or investing in the United States. I’m able to size up a client situation quickly and calm frayed client nerves about non-compliance with US tax laws.

In over four years with Expat US tax, I’ve been at the forefront of winning new clients, helping them aboard and overseeing the delivery of exceptional client service.

I bring a unique set of experiences to my role as a Senior Manager at Expat US Tax, having worked in two continents, three countries and four offices as a trusted adviser to many clients across multiple countries over the past 19 years.

Prior to Expat US Tax, I was engaged in successful stints with big accounting firms Arthur Andersen, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Deloitte.

Watch Darryl in action…

I’m an Enrolled Agent with the IRS and hold a Master’s in Business Administration. I live in Dubai, UAE along with my wife and two daughters.

My main specialty is helping clients through the Streamlined Offshore Procedure. 

Who is eligible for this streamlined tax amnesty program?

Darryl outlines that the most important criterion for qualifying is that the person applying for the program must have lived abroad for at least one of three years or for at least for 330 days.

Second, it is important that it was genuinely unintentional, and that the person was not aware of the fact that even though living abroad, they are still required to file a tax return as long as they are a U.S. citizen.

Third, the person has to…

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The problems with stimulus payments, answered

The Recovery Rebate Credit has been added to 2020 US tax returns, for those who didn’t get any Economic Impact Payments (commonly known as stimulus payments) or received only a partial amount.

How do I claim for the Rebate Recovery Credit?
Claim by filing your 2020 US federal income tax return, even if you don’t normally file.

The usual tax return deadlines apply:

    • 15 April 2021, or;
    • Request an extension and file by 15 October 2021.

Book an extension and you will have plenty of time. With an income of $72,000 USD or less, you can file your US tax return electronically for free through the IRS Free File Programme.

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Recovery Rebate / Stimulus / EIP (Economic Impact Payment)