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Tax filing for your End of Service Income

Unlike the United States and other countries, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) does not have any social security or pension income. However, there is something similar to social security, which is referred to as “end of service income.”

Do I have to pay US tax on my End-of-Service benefits from the UAE?

What are End-of-Service benefits?

End-of-service is a lump sum payment received when your employment in the UAE ends. This payment is made by your employer as a part of your employment termination process.

This benefit is taxable on your US tax return. However, it’s important to note that you cannot fully exclude this income under the foreign-earned income exclusion for the tax year in which you receive it.

Why can’t End-of-Service benefits be fully excluded?

A portion of the end-of-service benefit is attributed to the services you performed in prior years, not just the current tax year. This allocation means that it may not entirely fall under the income of the year you’re filing your tax return for.

Additionally, to figure out the taxable portion of your end-of-service benefit, a specific calculation is required. The calculation considers the start date of your employment and the last day with your employer. It then allocates a portion of the end-of-service benefit to each year of your employment, determining how much is attributable to the current tax year.

How do I plan for my End-of-Service benefits?

Seek Professional Advice. It’s advisable to consult with a tax professional before receiving your end-of-service benefit. This ensures that you’re maximizing your tax benefits and handling the payment efficiently. Proper planning can help in reducing the taxable amount and ensuring compliance with US tax laws.

Planning in advance can help maximize US tax exclusions across your End-of-Service benefits.

What are the important notes that I need to remember regarding End-of-Service benefits?

  • End-of-Service is Taxable: Be prepared to report this income on your US tax return.
  • Cannot Fully Exclude Under Current Year’s Exclusion: Understand that this benefit spans over the duration of your employment, affecting its tax treatment.
  • Consult Before Receiving Payment: To optimize your tax situation, get in touch with a tax advisor before the end-of-service payment is processed.

Why partner with a specialist Expat accountant?

Living outside of the US can make your tax filing requirements complicated. To ensure you pay the minimum amount of taxes, it’s critical to work with an accountant who understands every aspect and avenue for reducing your tax liability. We have a dedicated team of tax accountants who work exclusively with US expats earning and investing in the UAE. Partnering with a specialist expat accountant can help you navigate complex tax regulations and optimize your tax situation.

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