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Is claiming stimulus payments possible in Saudi Arabia?

Hey there, remember those stimulus checks the US government rolled out during the COVID-19 pandemic? Well, even if you were soaking up the sun in Saudi, you might still be eligible to claim these payments.

How much can I receive from the stimulus payments?

First Round: Adults received $1,200 each.

Second Round: Another $600 was sent out to adults.

Third Round: This time, it was $1,400 for both adults and dependents.

Claiming the first two rounds

  • File Your 2020 Tax Return: Mark your calendar for May 17, 2024. That’s your deadline to file a tax return for 2020 if you want to claim the first two stimulus payments.
  • Total Potential Cash: If you’re an adult, you could be looking at a cool $1,800 in total from these two rounds.

What about my dependents?

  • Social Security Numbers Needed: To claim for your dependents, they must have a Social Security number issued before the 2020 tax return deadline.
  • Dependent Payouts: For the first round, dependents got $500 each, and in the second round, they also received $600.

The third stimulus payment

  • This one’s tied to your 2021 tax return, which you need to file by April 15, 2025.
  • Both adults and dependents are eligible for $1,400 each in this round.

Who is eligible for the stimulus payments?

Your eligibility hinges on your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). If it’s over $75,000, the amount you receive might be reduced. Remember, many folks think earning over $75,000 means no stimulus money. But it’s your AGI that counts, not just your salary.

Additionally, you can use the foreign-earned income exclusion to significantly lower your AGI. For instance, if you’re making $100,000 in Saudi but qualify for the exclusion, your AGI could drop, potentially qualifying you for the full stimulus amount.

Here’s a real-world example, say you’re earning $150,000. With the foreign-earned income exclusion of $120,000, your AGI could be just $30,000, making you eligible for the stimulus payments.

What are the key points to remember?

  • Many Might Qualify: Thanks to the foreign-earned income exclusion lowering AGI, a lot of US expats in Saudi could be in line for these payments.
  • Filing Correctly: Ensure your tax returns are accurate to avoid delays or rejections in stimulus payment processing. You can consult a tax professional to make the whole process easier.
  • Phase-Outs: The stimulus payments gradually decrease above certain AGI thresholds, so knowing where you stand is key.
  • Dependents’ Age Limit: Generally, dependents under 17 qualify for the additional payment, but the third stimulus expanded this to include all dependents.
  • Overall Tax Liability: While the stimulus payments are not taxable, they could affect your overall tax situation, especially if you have other US income sources.

For US citizens and green card holders living in Saudi Arabia, getting a clear picture of your eligibility for stimulus payments is important. By considering your AGI, especially after the foreign-earned income exclusion, you might be surprised to find you’re eligible for these payments.

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